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We are a team of visionaries ready to solve society’s challenges in a time of crisis.

The project took birth in March, when Daniela Khatib, founder of Circle of Reciprocity started to feel COVID-19 pandemic effects taking over the life of her inner circle: her sister Mari, one of Bucharest’s best manicure technicians and her brother-in-law George, an experienced professional driver, were suddenly unable to continue their activities.

Also, life in the small and quiet town, just outside the capital, that they have chosen to live in together to provide their children a closer connection to nature, has become insecure under lockdown: the lack of home delivery for medical services or food supplies, lack of educational resources and small businesses closing are affecting the entire community, and this scenario applies to thousand other towns.

We took this situation to a national scale and realized the effects are dreadful. The thought that the number of this pandemic indirect victims can reach hundreds of thousands compels us to get involved.

In this context, inspired by the activity of her husband, Yousuf Khatib (CEO of Global Skills Hub), who helps top international software developers to achieve their goals, Daniela initiated Circle of Reciprocity as an in-kind project that aims to support communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, by connecting people who need help with the ones that can help, in an effort to give society the necessary resources to overcome this crisis.

Daniela Khatib

Proud Mom and CEO

Mari Vasile

Chief Business Officer

George Vasile

Chief Operations Officer

Yousuf Khatib


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