Hey Tech, Want to Save Some Lives?


For years we have been told that technology is the ultimate equalizer, that it will save the world, and in many ways, it has. Then, on December 31, 2019, the first case of COVID-19 was reported to the World Health Organization. Since then, a global pandemic has been declared, over 700,000 cases have been reported worldwide, and over 30,000 people have lost their lives. (X) Suddenly, most tech companies, who have embedded corporate social responsibility initiatives into their mission statements, are nowhere to be found.

We are living in unprecedented times. There is a virus that is affecting the lives of all of humanity, regardless of borders, gender, age, or health. Whole countries are on lockdown, people are panicking, the number of domestic and child abuse cases are on the rise, economies are collapsing, and medical facilities are running out of resources. To be blunt, this needs to be taken seriously. We will be dealing with the aftermath of this situation long after vaccines have been created and people have recovered.

Despite all of the challenges we face, there is still hope. Technology is advancing faster than anyone of us can imagine and the world is more connected than it has ever been. The combination of the two creates this perfect opportunity for us to come together as one and decide the course of history.

As Mark Cuban explains “How companies respond to that very question is going to define their brand for decades. If you rushed in and somebody got sick, you were that company. If you didn’t take care of your employees or stakeholders and put them first, you were that company,” (x) The world is watching, the time to act is now. You can come out of this in two ways. As a company who put their bottom line before their people. As a company who, despite having access to the world’s top talent, turned a blind eye and failed to act. Or you can come out as a company who took this as an opportunity to give back, to create solutions, to put humanity first. As a company whose efforts in one way or another, saved lives. The world is watching and they will remember. What type of company you choose to be right now will dictate who you are able to recruit in the future, what partnerships you will be able to establish, and what your brand will be worth.

We understand that as a company, it’s not feasible to drop everything and focus on just helping others. You have a responsibility to maintain profitability and take care of your stakeholders. What we want the world to understand is, there is a way to give back while maintaining your bottom line. There is a middle ground, you just have to find it. Whether you choose to make information more accessible, support your employees, or fund projects, every little bit counts.


Since the company’s inception, our mission at Global Skills Hub (GSH) has always been to “unite people to solve life’s greatest challenges.” We thought the best way to fulfil this was through using the Global Skills strategy to bring the world’s best IT Professionals to Canada to solve the country’s tech storage.

For the past two years, our company has refined the process of building a custom tech talent pipeline for some of Canada’s most well-known technology scale-ups and enterprises. In true start-up fashion, we challenged every existing institution, including immigration. Whenever we faced barriers, we were quick to overcome it. If you were to ask us what we have become the best at through this journey, it would be sourcing and vetting the world’s best talent.

The GSH community now consists of the world’s best developers, machine learning engineers, and AI practitioners. This pipeline of talent, similar to many other tech companies, has become our biggest asset. This pipeline of talent is our middle ground. This pipeline is our way to make a difference.

This pandemic is the biggest challenge humanity has faced in this lifetime and moving forward, Global Skills Hub has chosen to be a part of the solution. We are looking to connect the world’s best talent to any person, group, or company, especially Health Tech companies, who are working on solutions to challenges that have arisen due to COVID-19. Under the direction of our leadership team, we have chosen to do this completely at our own expense. We will still continue to serve the Canadian tech ecosystem for companies that are growing during this time, but we are prioritizing companies, hack-a-thons, and individuals who are focused on saving lives.

We realize this is a huge undertaking and as such, we have partnered with organizations that are able to guide us in the Impact economy. As a business we believe that human capital is the most valuable resource available today. With this in mind, our talent will be made available to organizations in response to COVID-19 as an in-kind contribution supporting the Project K(IN)D Global Movement launched earlier this year. GSH is a proud supporter of this movement which seeks to deliver 1 billion in-kind actions to those in need.

It is meaningful partnerships like these that push our company one step closer to realizing our goal of optimizing the impact we are able to make. The world is changing and the future is uncertain, but the one thing we can be sure of is that as a company, we’re trying our best and we challenge you to do the same.

If you are a developer looking to make an impact, get in touch with us to find out how you can become involved. If you are an individual, group, project, hack-a-thon, or company working on solutions to COVID-19 related challenges, get in touch and we will supply you with access to the world’s top tech developers. If you are an investor or a part of the VC community, we challenge you to invest in founders who are trying to save the world so that the bottom line of your existing portfolio can return to the new normal as soon as possible.

The world is watching, and the choice is yours.


LinkedIn: Yousuf Khatib

Website: www.globalskills.io

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