Circle of Reciprocity supports communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, uniting people who need help with those that can help, in order to offer society the necessary resources to overcome this crisis. We believe that technology is the key to break the digital divide we’re facing as a society and build the infrastructure we need to pull through this.

COVID-19 challenges

Together with contributors and partners already involved in the project, we have identified the main categories impacted by the COVID-19 spread. We want to generate and implement solutions for:

Individuals undefined

More than 1 Million Romanians, representing 20% of the country’s employees and many others working abroad, will be affected by the crisis, some of them already facing technical unemployment, being laid off or on the verge of personal bankruptcy. Most of them do not have the skills to allow them to work from home. They need support and ensuring their family income’s continuity, through alternative solutions, such as bringing them online and teaching them new skills.

Companies undefined

One third of Romania’s companies (more than 280.000 firms) will go insolvent. Small and medium-sized enterprises are the worst affected. The effects are also taking a toll on their employees and suppliers. We need alternative solutions for business continuity during this period, such as migrating them to the online environment and creating tools and platforms that allow them to operate remotely.

Medical system undefined

Heavily burdened even before the pandemic, the medical system needs resources, equipment, a centralized system for data management and solutions to cope with home treatment for patients with mild symptoms or other illnesses, in order to not overcrowd the hospitals. Telehealth options already exist, but they are not reaching  vulnerable people who need them most. 

Educational system undefined

The sudden shift to remote education affects millions of students and undergrads. Many teachers are lacking digital materials, are not familiar with the online environment and are reluctant to adapt. We need solutions and resources for online schooling, standardized procedures to help teachers and tailored tools for educational needs.

Social care undefined

Social distancing and its implications (isolation, working from home, shut down schools, lack of social activities) lead to increased addictions, abuse and domestic violence and problems such as anxiety and depression. We need solutions to help affected people, such as online/phone counseling and taking care of their safety.


How can we help?

We already have ideas for solutions to some of the problems above, but we need volunteers, partners, people who can contribute to this cause. We need resources and experts: software developers, content creators, translators, project managers, teachers, and anyone who wants to take part in this. We believe that only together, through a massive collective effort of the community, can we overcome this social crisis. What can we do together?

We identify problems

We are looking to understand what our community is struggling with most during this crisis Now and Next. If you are facing a challenge or you see one developing around you share it with us so we can work together with you to come up with a solution. 

Find solutions together

We have organized a Hackathon in which all contributors and partners will participate so that together we can come up with solutions. Whether you can help with physical resources, ideas, services or skills, this is the place where we will combine our strengths to solve problems

Implement Solutions

Our advisors and partners will work to bring your idea to market asap if it can help solve the issues people are facing right now

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